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  1. In high school I was a skinny nerd. After PE,I never took off my underwear nor showed because I never built up a sweat. My locker was by the big shower room. I saw lots of naked guys taking showers. The white guys would shower fast and leave the locker room. I took my time getting dressed and would sit on the bench pretending to get my school books,tablets and folders organized. I would put my pants on and sit with a towel over my shoulders. Shoes and socks off too. The black guys waited until the coaches left and would start horse playing. Slapping each other with towels,cussing and talking about girls. I think all stayed together for exposing reasons. I saw some beautiful big cocks,flapping around and high school boys are always horny and they would jerk off. They never gave me the impression that I was intruding and my boy dick would get rock hard. I was a girly guy but not in mannerisms or talk. I knew almost all blacks because I was from a private school and high school was public.


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